On November 12 1968 the Lords Adriano and Pedro Muñoz Sanchez Romera founded a company with the name “Guarani Mattresses Industries Ltd.”, which was dedicated to the manufacture of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses, being that Mr Pedro Muñoz Sanchez would to leave the company the following year, 1969, transferring its social dimensions wife of Mr. Adriano Romera, Ms Siolmar Grotti Romera, becoming a Family Business.

On January 2, 1973, Mr. Adriano Romera, Proprietario Industry Company Ltd. Mattresses and Furniture Guarani, in agreement with Mr. Banner Flag Company Owner & Cia Ltda, which is also dedicated to the manufacture of Upholstered Furniture, decided to promote fusion of the two companies, emerging as the Company, “simbal INDUSTRIAL FURNITURE COMPANY LTD BANROM” which started its activities in February 3, 1973. In 1973, the new partners decided to create a company and Transportation, called “Carrier Simbal Ltda” with the purpose of promoting the delivery of the products produced by the new company, Simbal Banrom Furniture Industrial Company Ltda.

With the increased production of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses in 1978 saw the need to also produce a major Raw Materials used for these products , which would be the Polyurethane Foam , thus enlarging the branch of activity company . In 1989 , the partners Adriano and Antonio Romera Flag, saw fit to promote fission in the Company , which had become large, so getting partner Adriano Romera with Equity and Social Dimensions of Simbal Company , and Mr. Antônio Bandeira , with part of the Company Simbal , which was renamed Aramóveis Industria e Comercio Ltda Furniture . As the sole owner of the company Simbal , together with his wife Siolmar Grotti , Sons Marcos Romera , Maria Luiza and Adriane Romera Milani Cristine de Oliveira Romera , the Company began a new phase of evolution , come to start the Production of Wood Furniture in 1992 , the production of other raw materials , basic necessities of Production Upholstery , in 1995 , with : Synthetic Leather ” Leather Rios ” used in coating and polyethylene film ” plastics ” used in the packaging of Upholstery and Furniture . In 1997 Mr. Adriano was the first manager of the Paraná state to receive the prize offered by Fiep in Curitiba as ” Entrepreneur of the Year ” .

In 1999 looking to be closer to customers and also a matter of logistics costs , the Group acquired an area in the state of São Paulo in Salto , with the design of a new factory . End of 2001 this project completed with the opening of the new unit Salto – SP , producing upholstery, mattresses and foams . In late 2002 a new opportunity arises to move the factory upholstery Arapongas to Rolândia , nearby town , which will to a larger area , now generating higher production capacity . Today we add a building area of 110,000 m / 2 between the three units ( Arapongas , Heels, Rolândia , Sabáudia , Luziania and Three Rivers ) area we have about 1350 employees spread among five plants. Our online marketing today is distributed among several products , below the production capacity of each product : Upholstery 138,000 pieces / year , Mattresses 500,000 pieces / year , ons 80.000 pieces / year PVC Blades 14,000,000 m / year foams 300 Tons / year.

For four consecutive years, 2006,2007, 2008 and 2009 Top Mobile Simbal received the award as the most remembered company upholstery in Brazil.